Company Retirement Plans: Due Diligence

Active Oversight for Small- and Mid-sized Businesses

Savant Retirement Plan Services designs and implements a prudent investment process and manages ongoing due diligence to help reduce your risk and help keep your retirement plan on track with less burden and more engagement.

For the business owner, we start with an initial consultation to understand the needs of your plan. We employ ongoing dialogue and improvement to ensure your plan works for you and your employees. We manage the investment selection and monitor your funds for you. We never use proprietary funds and use our evidence-based approach that is backed by research.

Whether your employees are well-versed in investments or just getting started, Savant Retirement Plan Services can help provide the support they need to pursue their retirement goals. We offer a variety of investment options designed to meet the needs of employees at all levels of investment knowledge and comfort. During one-on-one meetings, we’ll discuss each employee’s investment knowledge and their goals for retirement. Based on this information, we’ll develop a personalized plan for each employee, providing them with the resources and support they need, whether your employees are looking for guidance on choosing investments or simply need someone to answer their questions.

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Aligning Investments

Savant’s portfolios are designed to help preserve and grow your assets. In addition to helping properly balancing risk and return, your portfolio will be designed to provide effective diversification, eliminate excess cost, help reduce tax liability, and provide adequate liquidity and cash flow to meet your needs.

Your Retirement Plan Services team understands that communication is key in helping your employees feel comfortable with their investment strategy. We stay engaged with your employees long after they’ve enrolled in the retirement plan and regularly check in to answer any questions or concerns. Additionally, your employees can always reach out to the 401(k) Support Team with account requests. By staying engaged and accessible, the Retirement Plan Services team’s goal is to help your employees feel confident in their investments.

Savant Retirement Plan Services is here to help.

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A Wise Approach Based On Evidence

Through our collective wisdom and experience working with all types of clients, we’ve learned to stick with the fundamentals. Although concepts like investing for the long term, diversification, and staying in your seat don’t sound flashy, they are primary cornerstones of our craft. Our steady, evidenced-based approaches to investing and financial planning are structured to anticipate rocky inclines and uncertain times, not just smooth trails and sunny skies.