Wise Counsel On Your Side

Yes, We’ll Treat You Like a Number. Number One, to Be Exact.

Big Wall Street firms can make you feel small, even unimportant. To them, you’re just an account number. But that’s never the case at Savant. To us, you’re way more than a number – you’re the very reason we exist. Because we’re fiduciaries, we place your best interests at the heart of everything we do. That includes not only investment management, but an entire suite of services important to your ideal future – like financial planning, tax planning, estate planning, wealth transfer, and trust services.

Welcome to Savant’s Wise Counsel. You’re number one in our book.

Main Street

Life’s better here on Main Street. Here’s why.

You’ll find Main Street in thousands of communities across the U.S. You’ll also find Savant Wealth Management in lots of communities. We’re a growing, fee-only, independent registered investment adviser, with offices in more than a dozen states. Our team members are neighbors, parents, community leaders, and solid citizens who care about each other … and you.

We don’t sell financial products or make money on trades. Our compensation depends on how well we manage your assets. Like you, we have skin in the game. Our Wise Counsel is both on your side, and by your side. Every step of the way.

Grab a coffee and keep reading. We’ll tell you how we work, and how our process works for you.

Our Approach

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Our Process

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